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How to Choose a Bike

When it comes to choosing the right bike, there are lots of things to consider; where you plan on cycling, what style you are looking for and of course what you can afford to spend.

Gear systems on bikes are necessary for when you want to do any up hill cycling. You will need about 15 gears for off road hill climbing and if you buy a high quality bike today, the likelihood is that it will have about 21 or more gears.

If you are looking for a bike that will allow you to explore farm tracks, bridleways and country lanes and you want to ride in a controlled, gentle manner, then a hybrid bike is a good choice. Hybrids are a combination of road bikes and mountain bikes. They tend to be quite light because they don't need the strength of a mountain bike and they also have thin tyres for easy road riding.

Another type of bike that has been developed in recent years is the Urban Bike. This is a variation of the standard version of the mountain bike and was created as a heavy duty bike for people like cycle couriers in towns and cities, where it might be necessary to bounce off kerbs, taxis and buses. These bikes don't have suspension and have slick tyres. Urban bikes have the same low position of handlebar as a classic mountain bike instead of the upright seating of a hybrid bike.

Mountain bikes are great for rough terrain. In the last number of years disc brakes have become a distinctive characteristic of mountain bikes. The advantages of disc brakes include power which is not as affected by mud and rain, no wear and tear on rim of the wheel and the fact that they are relatively low maintenance. Disadvantages of disc brakes include the somewhat expensive costs and the large repair cost of something happens. The suspension front forks ensure that rising a mountain bike is very comfortable and you can travel over rough terrain very quickly. However they are quiet heavy and do need excess servicing.

Road bikes are modern, very light and suitable for tarmac only with drop bar speed. However there is a new model of road bike available for those who dislike the drop bar, head down riding position and who would prefer some luggage and better mudguards. These new models are super lightweight and have a straight bar for an upright seating position.

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